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dating h3nk

Age: 38
Country: germany

Hi, I'm from Germany. I don't know what to write at the moment.To my personality: I'm a little bit shy.I like to go to the cinema and to meet with my friends and family.Unfortunetly my parents are div...

chat thespanishsista

Age: 46
Country: united kingdom

City=New Hampshire. Hola me llamo Ximena, soy divorciada ( Ante la ley de Dios y la ley de los hombres) y madre de 4, busco expandir mis amistades con hermanos y hermanas con orientación Teocrática y ...

singles sonofdavid

Age: 50
Country: united states

City=Richmond, Virginia. I am loyal, with strong moral values, caring, empathetic, romantic, I value sincere friendship, my motto is "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you" I am a sensiti...

single robertkokot

Age: 46
Country: montenegro

city=herceg novi. psalm 133:1 hello oll people how love jehova...